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WaitOrBuyStudent 4 4 4 11/14/2017 12:49:43 PM
WaitOrBuyStudent 3 3 3 User friendly and easy to use No exact description what to do at the beginning of the simulation regarding the period of guaranteed sales etc. I would display the full periods of early, discount and full sales as well as failures from the very beginning. 11/14/2017 12:17:37 PM
PricingGamePricingGameV2_0v2.0.0 5 4 2 interesting game! i didnt know where the data started! maybe some more clear instructions - or is the past (more than +1) even relevant itd be great to see a chart tracking cummulative profits for A B and C throughout 11/8/2017 3:31:30 PM 5 5 5 Real time decision-making for buying or selling 8/29/2017 2:57:59 PM 1 2 1 7/27/2017 7:15:15 PM 5 5 5 7/27/2017 7:14:56 PM
ConsultingProcessConsultingProcess0v1.0.0 2 3 3 the interaction the videos opened separate from speaker talking side by side window for exhibits and speakers 7/18/2017 12:24:58 AM
ForecastingEngineForecastingEngineV1 1 1 1 Why the hell would you EVER email me a password in plaintext? Please change this immediately, as it puts all users of this program at risk. 1/18/2017 3:30:12 PM
1/7/2017 10:52:36 AM
The_DoorsAll_users 4 3 4 aB5oie aB5oie aB5oie 1/7/2017 10:52:35 AM
1/4/2017 2:18:53 PM
WaitOrBuyStudent 3 2 2 T6vjb4 T6vjb4 T6vjb4 1/4/2017 2:18:53 PM
ConsultingProcessConsultingProcess0v1.0.0 4 5 5 1/29/2016 10:25:13 PM
WaitOrBuyStudent 4 4 4 Easy to figure out what is going on. Could not pause the simulation. The graph should display the market results (early, discount, full price). 10/8/2015 6:25:34 AM
First-Year ForestStudent 5 5 5 Great retro photo!! Definitely a keeper! None None 9/8/2015 1:48:26 PM
AnimaticsStudent 1 1 1 TEST OF NEW DATABASE TEST OF NEW DATABASE TEST OF NEW DATABASE TEST OF NEW DATABASE 6/16/2015 11:28:52 AM 3 3 3 Where is this e-mail going? If you get this e-mail, please forward it to Where is this e-mail going? If you get this e-mail, please forward it to Where is this e-mail going? If you get this e-mail, please forward it to 5/1/2015 1:49:14 PM
PrisonersDilemmaEnginePlayer 2 5 3 2/4/2015 8:17:58 PM
WaitOrBuyStudent 2 2 2 low involvement, quick response. Instructions unclear so we had to figure it out as we went along. Provide clear instructions. 10/21/2014 5:45:28 AM
WaitOrBuyStudent 2 2 2 The low involvement of the player. Confusing graphs and not enough time to make informed decisions. Better instructions and more interactive data that helps decision making. 10/21/2014 5:45:16 AM 3 5 5 Watching people move around not realizing they aren't being consistent. I think it would have been better to be in different rooms. Do this from home at an assigned time without any commentary from other participants. It would be closer to real life - you don't get to talk to the competition. no thanks 10/11/2014 1:04:51 PM 2 1 3 It was interesting in theory but should have worked better. It was very faulty and did not work well at all. Our class was very disrupted by refreshing our screens over & over again, only to get simulations that would not work. We recommend removing bugs and refunding the students who paid valuable textbook money to participate in this simulation & were not able to. 10/1/2014 5:30:05 PM 3 3 3 The interaction as if it was a market. Make it so that the game can store data round to round to analyse later. 10/1/2014 2:37:55 PM
Stainmasterstudent 5 5 5 Nostalgia for the ads. 7/5/2014 9:41:28 AM
WaitOrBuyStudent 3 4 3 2/18/2014 11:18:21 PM
WaitOrBuyStudent 4 4 4 2/18/2014 11:16:13 PM
WaitOrBuyStudent 4 4 3 It didn't let me skip rounds if I picked early. Skip rounds if I pick early. 2/18/2014 10:51:31 PM
2/18/2014 10:06:09 AM
WaitOrBuyStudent 3 4 2 Easy, fast, and quick feedback demonstration. Nothing On the demo, we can see the historical result Early, Discount and Full Fare as the table right side. However, on the game, we cannot see the table. We need to click the icon to see the result. This could be improved. 2/18/2014 10:01:40 AM
WaitOrBuyStudent 3 2 3 2/16/2014 4:03:55 PM
WaitOrBuyStudent 3 5 4 2/15/2014 10:36:54 AM
VDOTStudent 1 1 1 none, it would not open. none, it would not open. 11/24/2013 12:20:36 PM
WaitOrBuyStudent 2 2 2 10/25/2013 7:15:40 AM
WaitOrBuyStudent 4 2 4 10/24/2013 4:23:27 AM
VDOTStudent 10/20/2013 6:52:58 PM
ForecastingEngineForecastingEngineV1 2 2 2 10/11/2013 2:17:25 PM
9/28/2013 1:15:45 PM
9/25/2013 5:45:26 AM
9/23/2013 2:52:54 AM 3 3 3 9/12/2013 3:40:54 PM
9/1/2013 12:07:56 AM
7/24/2013 11:58:26 PM
WaitOrBuyStudent 2 2 4 nXBihi nXBihi nXBihi 7/24/2013 11:58:25 PM
7/17/2013 2:03:51 PM
7/17/2013 12:59:29 PM
VDOTStudent 1 1 1 No video came up. No video came up. No video came up. 6/28/2013 9:49:52 PM
VDOTStudent 1 1 1 None, could not view the media There is nothing to see, even with the help, my new computer says the media is not compatible viewable material 6/21/2013 5:40:45 PM
VDOTStudent 1 2 3 5/20/2013 3:57:55 PM
VDOTStudent 1 1 1 i could never get it to play 4/13/2013 11:41:58 PM
WaitOrBuyStudent 4 5 3 time counting not much pre-application instruction provide a mock-up step-by-step training first 3/24/2013 2:17:02 AM
WaitOrBuyStudent 4 5 5 2/12/2013 10:42:23 AM
Stainmasterstudent 4 5 4 2/10/2013 12:57:55 PM
Stainmasterstudent 5 5 5 2/9/2013 8:13:23 PM
Stainmasterstudent 5 5 5 2/8/2013 5:50:33 PM
2/4/2013 12:51:11 AM
EnronStudent 5 4 5 The fall The videos Add a recap of the Case 1/25/2013 3:35:05 AM
12/30/2012 7:58:27 AM
11/23/2012 10:24:46 PM
10/6/2012 4:20:54 AM
10/4/2012 1:23:45 AM
10/2/2012 4:34:53 PM
10/2/2012 12:44:37 AM
10/1/2012 9:32:38 PM
10/1/2012 6:53:37 PM
9/30/2012 8:51:24 PM
9/29/2012 5:40:46 PM
9/26/2012 2:43:32 PM
OperationsInstitutionUser 5 5 5 9/26/2012 7:25:38 AM
9/19/2012 8:25:50 AM
9/17/2012 5:23:06 PM
9/10/2012 5:19:07 PM
9/7/2012 11:26:54 PM
ForecastingEngineForecastingEngineV1 5 4 4 you got log off after a couple of minutes and lost the info you had worked in no log off 9/7/2012 5:32:54 PM
9/4/2012 5:56:56 PM
VDOTStudent 1 1 1 nothing all none n/a 8/30/2012 11:26:13 PM
8/30/2012 1:26:49 PM
VDOTStudent 4 3 3 no comment no comment None 8/28/2012 6:49:55 PM
8/27/2012 1:44:14 PM
8/27/2012 11:32:31 AM
8/26/2012 7:57:22 PM
8/24/2012 11:57:10 AM
8/20/2012 11:21:17 AM
8/20/2012 1:03:52 AM
Deepwater HorizonStudent 4 4 3 8/15/2012 11:18:29 PM
SixDegreesV2student 3 5 4 8/15/2012 12:30:52 AM
Deepwater HorizonStudent 5 5 5 high quality video and well done I wish there was an ending or someplace to go after watching all the periphery videos in order to wrap up looked good 8/14/2012 6:57:37 PM
8/12/2012 2:52:43 AM
8/3/2012 10:36:46 PM
7/31/2012 11:33:19 AM
VDOTStudent 5 5 5 Point no one. all essential. None. 7/27/2012 2:15:51 PM
7/23/2012 8:52:06 PM
7/19/2012 6:16:15 PM
7/12/2012 3:02:31 PM
VDOTStudent 1 1 1 Couldn't view. Couldn't view Sucks, complaining to my school about your garbage. 7/8/2012 8:06:44 PM
6/16/2012 11:17:07 AM
Turning GearsStudent 2 2 2 How about being able to reset your darn password and have technical support over the weekend when I have time to work on my school work when i am not working full time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why can't I resent my own password? What kind of computer program / simulation does not have a password reset option! Yes 4/14/2012 1:27:13 PM
ForecastingEngineForecastingEngineV1 3 4 5 4/11/2012 10:42:21 PM
3/17/2012 11:07:49 AM
First-Year ForestStudent 5 4 5 3/13/2012 8:21:04 PM
First-Year ForestStudent 5 5 5 That it showed me a step-by-step approach on how to build the decision trees and solve the problems Maybe incorporate a voice explanation of the problems. 3/12/2012 11:57:26 PM
First-Year ForestStudent 5 5 5 step by step application of concepts very tiny font size 3/8/2012 9:15:40 PM
VDOTStudent 1 1 2 Once you could find how to play the video it was a good break up of each section, but I could never find the link to read the case. Never finding the link to read the case. Had to call tech support to make the vidro play. Have everything on the first page that comes up 2/26/2012 5:33:16 PM
2/26/2012 5:20:53 PM
VDOTStudent 2 1 1 to get an easy way to find the video. Still all my class is trying to find the video that you have in some place of the page. i will try with internet explorer, with google chrome, mozila, but nothing works. 2/22/2012 12:04:59 AM
2/20/2012 10:41:40 PM
SnappleStudent_Web 1 1 1 Check your code and make sure that it is working correctly. It always detect my Chrome as Netscpae 5 and my Windows 7 as Windows NT. These repeated incompatibility messages are annoying 2/18/2012 11:18:23 AM
WaitOrBuyStudent 2 4 2 2/13/2012 9:49:59 PM
PrisonersDilemmaEnginePlayer 2 5 5 Simplicity. None. We finished the simulation in 10 minutes and then were told to "wait for further instructions" which never came. Please fix this...we weren't sure if there was another round or not to the simulation. 2/7/2012 8:14:59 PM
PrisonersDilemmaEnginePlayer 1 5 4 People don't read tech notes. State the objective first. (Max profit, or beat competitor? ) 2/7/2012 7:25:19 PM
2/4/2012 11:26:03 PM
12/13/2011 2:11:03 PM
VDOTStudent 12/9/2011 4:06:58 PM
VDOTStudent 1 1 1 I could not access anything but the help, credits and feedback. I could not get to the videos or the written case and I followed all of the instructions. Read answer above. Make it accessible. 12/5/2011 11:02:46 AM
DMBAll_users 11/14/2011 6:52:10 AM
DMBAll_users 11/14/2011 6:52:03 AM
HybridStudent 1 1 1 11/10/2011 9:10:40 PM
Northrup GrummanStudent 3 1 3 It froze when I asked it to display PDF fukes Fix the above. 10/31/2011 12:34:24 PM
SixDegreesV2student 4 5 5 The support with a problem I had. Thank you No comments It is very friendly and easy to use so I donīt have additional recommendations 9/30/2011 10:06:12 AM
9/17/2011 5:23:35 AM
ForecastingEngineForecastingEngineV1 3 4 4 It allows you to take a look at the chart that shows your decisions. Sometimes it generates mistakes. Won't allow to go through with mistakes. 9/16/2011 1:42:58 PM
9/14/2011 2:07:27 PM
9/1/2011 8:04:23 PM
8/20/2011 12:06:40 AM
8/14/2011 4:01:14 AM
8/9/2011 1:52:30 PM
7/25/2011 8:47:16 PM
7/25/2011 1:03:25 AM
7/24/2011 5:39:43 AM
7/23/2011 8:41:13 PM
7/23/2011 10:08:21 AM
7/22/2011 6:38:12 PM
7/22/2011 4:13:15 PM
EnronStudent 5 5 5 All was fantastic I enjoy every part of it. Wriiten word to catch pronounciation of each. 7/5/2011 2:36:22 PM
5/8/2011 5:32:59 PM
4/22/2011 4:44:13 PM
First-Year ForestStudent 5 4 3 3/10/2011 1:22:14 PM
3/9/2011 5:33:58 PM
First-Year ForestStudent 5 5 5 3/4/2011 8:45:43 PM
VDOTStudent 4 5 5 Having to click on each part of the presentation 2/26/2011 1:38:34 PM
WaitOrBuyStudent 4 5 4 It was better than the buyer part Too long If choice is made, timing should be shorter 2/14/2011 10:49:20 PM
WaitOrBuyStudent 2 5 2 easy to use i have to click on the sales that blocks my vision have the sales charts on the same page 2/14/2011 10:39:32 PM
WaitOrBuyStudent 2 5 4 Easy to understand. It was too long. Although you made a choice you still had to wait for the time to consume. If choice made, skip to result. Less periods. 2/14/2011 10:23:27 PM
KalashnikovFaculty 2 2 3 Slide show 2/11/2011 4:21:35 AM
Ocean CoveStudent 5 5 5 The videos were great...easy to navigate through them and get an idea of how they fit into the overall business. Not really associated with the multimedia section but I think we could have done more with this case than just order quantities. Can't think of one worth mentioning 1/24/2011 11:28:18 PM
Deepwater HorizonStudent 3 4 3 1/9/2011 2:18:55 PM
BETStudent 5 5 5 TEST -ft TEST -ft TEST -ft 1/4/2011 11:17:57 AM
PricingGamePricingGameV2_0v2.0.0 3 4 4 10/27/2009 3:14:45 PM
10/27/2009 3:11:06 PM
McCollStudent 4 5 5 10/19/2009 4:52:45 PM
10/7/2009 1:45:56 AM
EnronWeatherStudent 5 5 5 vivid visual aid fun the explanation of too detailed parts to be more comic 9/23/2009 10:09:20 PM
Turning GearsStudent 5 5 5 9/23/2009 8:52:56 AM
Stainmasterstudent 5 5 5 linked in video clips! and they were checked off when I watched them! couldn't make the video full screen (but really not a big deal, just a nice to have) nothing! 9/23/2009 12:54:30 AM
Stainmasterstudent 4 5 5 9/22/2009 11:01:01 PM
PricingGameAdminPricingGameV2_0v2.0.0 3 5 4 just another test just a test just a test 9/18/2009 11:00:02 AM
PricingGameAdminPricingGameV2_0v2.0.0 5 4 4 it was great (this is just a test) it was great it was great 9/18/2009
PricingGameAdminPricingGameV2_0v2.0.0 3 5 4 just a test just a test just a test 9/18/2009
DMBAll_users 4 5 5 Really excellent all around. Great presentation that matched the cool factor of the band. This sentence has an extra S after Matthews': Beyond Matthews's songwriting, the virtuosity of each musician was impressive in its own right. 9/10/2009
WaitOrBuyStudent 2 5 3 the end 8/29/2009
WaitOrBuyStudent 5 5 5 It should advance once all 6 are sold rather than letting the clock continue. 8/29/2009
WaitOrBuyStudent 2 2 3 8/28/2009
WaitOrBuyStudent 2 2 2 8/28/2009
WaitOrBuyStudent 3 3 3 8/28/2009
WaitOrBuyStudent 2 4 3 8/28/2009
WaitOrBuyStudent 2 2 2 Having a time application that forces you to react quickly is good for simulating real life. I could not figure out how to access any data other than the graph with the period, net savings and budget on top. I thought we would be able to sort data and see sales info? If so, this was not evident to me. Further, when I elected to ship during Mon-Wed, the savings was $499. I expected this to be vs. budget, so $1k. Their appeared to be a disconnect between the directions and simulation. Addressing the issues I noted in #5. above. 8/26/2009
WaitOrBuyStudent 2 3 2 I may have mis-read the instructions but it sounded like we would be able to see data during the simulation on sales and shipments purchased at different prices to help us make better decisions. I saw this in the demo version but not in the game play version vs. the computer. 8/26/2009
WaitOrBuyStudent 5 5 5 This seemed to work a lot better than the "buyer" version. The graphs below were very helpful as was the table to the right. 8/26/2009
WaitOrBuyStudent 3 3 3 8/26/2009
WaitOrBuyStudent 1 1 1 the simulation was too long and no data was made available to me shipping before wednesday should have amde me 1000 but only ever made 500 8/26/2009
Regression ModelStudent 5 5 5 6/13/2009
Turning GearsStudent 2 4 3 I don't understand the scoring. I would make a better connection of the decision data to the business and ethical consequences 5/25/2009
WhistlerFaculty 1 2 2 FeZtXV miuwtqljrdxu, [url=]ghtskleifjjc[/url], [link=]ccsvnyjdfivs[/link], FeZtXV miuwtqljrdxu, [url=]ghtskleifjjc[/url], [link=]ccsvnyjdfivs[/link], FeZtXV miuwtqljrdxu, [url=]ghtskleifjjc[/url], [link=]ccsvnyjdfivs[/link], 4/22/2009
Turning GearsStudent 2 3 3 4/6/2009
Turning GearsStudent 2 5 2 Emails to view and read through quickly without having to wait on the slower video presentations Unable to download PDFs at home so had to use a public computer to compelte. I realize most people have this capability but it would be nice for the entire simulation to be completed without having to navigate away from the main program. The feedback/simulation scores were not clear. The consequences of the decisions that deemed the responses to either exceed or not meet expectations were not clearly defined. 4/6/2009
Turning GearsStudent 5 5 5 4/4/2009
Turning GearsStudent 5 5 5 scenarios seemed real scenarios seemed too real, ex. Ray Catel's evaluation measures none 3/25/2009
SnappleStudent_Web 3 3 5 zooming in on the screen. Also it could have flowed seamlessly 3/19/2009
EnronStudent 2 1 4 The ability to go back and forward in the titles or subjects you are interested - The CD did not work properly with all the machines. It was complicated to get it set up. - You do not get a written summary to take to class or some other place (you need the computer) Less video. Many of the videos can be can be summarized in a couple of paragraphs 2/28/2009
WaitOrBuyStudent 3 5 4 After week 20, the game became really fast and I was not able to change anything. Infact even the value of the total revenue got stuck and dint increase after that. 2/12/2009
WaitOrBuyStudent 3 2 2 decisions time to make decision and result.. Too tedious.. should take 10mins, not take less time 2/11/2009
WaitOrBuyStudent game appeared to crash around round 25 and just speed up 2/11/2009
First-Year ForestStudent 2 5 4 The graphics Some questions don't have a question! Have a question for each problem. 2/7/2009
McCollStudent 5 4 4 The storyline had a great flow. The combination of video and text kept it interesting. Key acquisition layout which included maps, take over structure etc. 1/30/2009
NASAStudent 4 4 4 1/29/2009
DillardStudent 5 5 5 Feedback from staff - - the empowerment of the staff none let us meet the new principal 1/21/2009
DillardStudent 5 5 5 Each segment related to the topic discussed illuminating the ideas clearly and precisely. No changes necessary. 1/8/2009
DillardStudent 5 5 5 It allowed the user to view different subheadings of the article. I didn't have a least favorite of the application. None 12/30/2008
DillardStudent 5 5 5 It gives you a totally different perspective when you see and hear the presentation in a multimedia format. None None 11/17/2008
In The MediaStudent it would be helpful to see the source of the article listed next to the date & title 10/26/2008
MusicTodayStudent 5 5 5 Good learning. Great Job. Really impressed. None None 10/24/2008
Required Rate of ReturnStudent 5 3 5 10/24/2008
MusicTodayStudent 5 5 5 The Shop tour The Excelt spread sheet layout 10/23/2008
MusicTodayStudent 5 5 5 It was great to see the actual operation process. The video part. 10/23/2008
Stainmasterstudent 5 5 5 A diferentiated approach. none 10/2/2008
Stainmasterstudent 3 2 4 Quick to understand content. More engaging than reading More content 10/1/2008
ClosduVal_AFaculty 3 5 3 the background and ambiance surrounding each of the speakers It's not really multi-media -- embedding a video against a graphic background is just that. I think you're not taking advantage of the opportunity to actually use multiple approaches to inform and involve the audience 1. Put a link to the pdf case file - ideally, link each portion of the video to a corresponding set of paragraphs in the case. 2. Include some navigable graphics that show Clos du Val label evolution -- even (if possible), a photo of the bottles on the shelf in a grocery store (alongside Clos du Bois, maybe?) 3. Links to the case exhibits, along with an animated graphic of the Clos du Val company timeline. Lots of opportunities to embed background photos corresponding to the company milestone here. 4. Put in some application to collect viewer opinion via survey -- and then give the viewer an opportunity to view their opinions alongside the historical opinions of former students (kind of like the data collection in the Kalashnikov case) 7. Links to articles in wine journals 8. Probably not legal, but wouldn't it be cool if you could click on a link and order a bottle or case of Clos du Val during the presentation? I know I was craving some Pinot... 9. Maybe even show a little of the wine-making process. 9/9/2008
ClosduVal_BStudent 5 5 The content tied very nicely with the case. I got in the mood to watch videos and then found they were too short for my liking/mood. I would be nice to have some more extensive content to review in an 'optional' setting. -- Overall, good job. 9/8/2008
Turning GearsStudent 4 4 5 8/21/2008
Turning GearsStudent 2 2 2 stuff other stuff nothing 7/28/2008
Turning GearsStudent 5 5 5 7/25/2008
Regression ModelStudent 4 3 4 dialogue between professor and student; animated graphics no ability to manipulate time stamp within the various presentation segments See above. Also, since you opened the door w/ the "MIT of the South" fast facts, as a 1984 grad of the "North Avenue Trade School", I'd like to see another Tech fast fact about "George P. Burdell" See sure - 7/4/2008
Required Rate of ReturnStudent 1 1 3 The slideshow kept getting stuck. Very frustrating! 4/28/2008
Hershey Foods Corporation -- Bitter Times in a Sweet PlaceFaculty 4 5 4 The insights and perspectives of the key players. Some overlap of content across the videos. I would prefer more content in the 1 day approach. That you have the option to hide the teaching notes. It places the professor in an awkward position - although I create my own solutions, I use the teaching notes heavily. Some of the students think that because they are supplied, they should have access to them. Would like to see the time associated with each video noted on the CD so it is easier to tell how long it will take. 4/27/2008
Required Rate of ReturnStudent 4 3 5 Graphics and voiceover were easy to follow It was sometimes difficult to go back Add an option to print slides 4/24/2008
Required Rate of ReturnStudent 1 2 1 When you gave a real company example The program spewed calculations one after another without checking for learner understanding. Check ins so that the learner understands each step before the program continues on. A navigation tutorial before launching into the activity. 4/21/2008
Internal Labor MarketStudent 4 4 4 4/5/2008
EnronStudent 2 1 1 Multimedia. Just give me the damned text. I don't need all the fancy multimedia crap. Get rid of the flash and make it accessible by firefox. I haven't used explorer in a year. 4/5/2008
Internal Labor MarketStudent 1 4 3 NA No one in our group liked any part of this group add an autosave feature and allow us to import Excel files no 4/3/2008
AnimaticsStudent 4 5 5 3/11/2008
AnimaticsStudent 3 5 5 Deciding whether or not to buy an extra commercial Not enough data to feel like you are making a real choice. Viewing the commercial is really pointless, except to get the data. It would be better to have 5 different types of ratings for each commercial and have to decide which rating category is most important for that target, etc. 3/11/2008
AnimaticsStudent 3 5 5 3/11/2008
First-Year ForestStudent 5 5 5 all fowlkesa09 3/6/2008
First-Year ForestStudent 5 5 5 The walk through Put an example of the NPV calc in the last question on the front page rather than in a back-up spready. 3/6/2008
First-Year ForestStudent 4 5 5 The explanation of perfect information is great. unenviromental friendly. Don't cut the trees. 3/2/2008
McCollStudent 4 5 4 1/13/2008
Turning GearsStudent 4 5 4 Well-organized-suspenseful-realistic. Overall a lengthy process. Enter & return to individual cases. 12/20/2007
Required Rate of ReturnStudent There is a mistake in calculating Dominion's Yield-to-maturity yo maturity on 109-years bonds. It should be 9.15%, not 9.5% 12/8/2007
Required Rate of ReturnStudent 4 5 5 It was all good! The optional module on why to use after-tax cost of debt has a very misleading example. The after-tax income in the no tax scenario does not have the interest expense of $100 subtracted. Therefore the student sees higher after-tax income without an interest deduction ($600), than with the interest deduction ($540). If you sutract the $100 of interest from the $600 then you have after-tax income of $500, which is $40 worse than the $540 WITH the interest tax deduction. Then you can say that the true cost of the interest payments is $100-$40= $60, which is the same answer shown at the top of your slide, but the derivation is much more intuitive (to most students, I believe). or you can say that the interest deduction (or the tax shield) is worth $40, which is the excess of $540 over $500. What I just wrote above. 12/3/2007
Hershey Foods Corporation -- Bitter Times in a Sweet PlaceFaculty 3 3 3 It provides actual visual of what has happened in the case. More improvements in terms of how the application appears. At first the application did not show that there was a second part on the video..Why? Was that a glitch.. 11/21/2007
Required Rate of ReturnStudent 5 5 5 The visuals and the methodology of working out the WACC for the beginner in finance. None as such. However, some examples of "Pure Play" companies could be given in the tutorial to drive the key point home. Could you make it little more advanced for the students of Finance Specialization stream? The material in the supplemental section can be made for these students as a part of the normal tutorial with some more visuals and the computational methodologies. 11/14/2007
Required Rate of ReturnStudent 4 5 5 The explanation of the formulas. The go-back function did not work very well. Make the go-back function easier to use. 11/3/2007
Required Rate of ReturnStudent 4 2 4 Show how much time is left. I had no idea if I needed five hours or five minutes to view the whole tutorial. Also, create a copy of the slides that viewers can use to study further. 11/2/2007
MusicTodayStudent 5 5 5 Loved the videos! I wish we had more sites like this for all of our cases! None! Really good presentation! None! Really good Congratulations! 10/31/2007
Regression ModelStudent 4 3 4 The detailed explanation of each part I would like to have had a rewind bottom to play again some part that I missed. Instead, I have to star the slide all over again 10/12/2007
Baltimore PoliceStudent 5 5 5 The interviews were portrayed as real conversations, not someone reading a script. 10/4/2007
EnronWeatherStudent 2 5 4 9/27/2007
EnronWeatherStudent 1 1 1 9/27/2007
EnronWeatherStudent 1 2 1 Didn't really add anything to the case. Very boring videos. No new information in addition to the case. Not sure what the entire site is for other than the videos. 9/27/2007
EnronWeatherStudent 4 5 4 9/27/2007
CDCModulesWeb 3 3 4 To allow people to review the modules once they have completed them. Once you finish, you can't go back and review the topics that you have just completed. 9/19/2007
Stainmasterstudent 4 5 5 Commercials NA Give a brief (potentially written)blurb about each commercial before watching 8/23/2007
Stainmasterstudent 4 5 5 Organization of content Speach of the president... None 8/23/2007
Stainmasterstudent 4 5 5 Reliving old commercials. Being able to remember what the company actually used. The early 80s TV broadcasts were not the best quality, but that was more an issue of early 80s technology. None. 8/23/2007
EnronStudent 2 4 3 There needs to be a way to print all of the text slides. 7/28/2007
EnronStudent 5 5 5 It detailed every step of the way. From the beginning to the fall of Enron. Kept me interested. Maybe its my internet connection, but it was kind of slow at times. None really. 7/22/2007
Used Car Market V2Student 4 5 4 We had sufficient information to take decisions, and it was easy to use No problem with the application I would keep a buyer negotiating with the same seller. By switching to a new buyer-seller at each turn, each party loses any screening or signaling 7/1/2007
Used Car Market V2Student 5 5 4 After reviewing the results it is interesting how poorly we performed on the first exercise when compared to getting a bit of instruction on the second - performance greatly improved. Whitnessing the strategy that was being applied - incorrectly - by making assumptions during the first exercise. I would recommend 3 cycles and give the groups no info. on round 1 & 2 and a bit more on round 3. It would be interesting if they would begin to learn the game on their own. 6/27/2007
Used Car Market V2Student 5 5 5 It was simple, not much to get wrong technology wise. Not easy to figure out where to find if bid was accepted or rejected. Would have liked a message to come up on screen to notify. See above. 6/26/2007
Used Car Market V2Student 4 4 4 buying strategy when the quality of the vehicle was unknown. Time it took between rounds. 6/26/2007
Used Car Market V2Student 4 4 3 6/24/2007
Used Car Market V2Student 4 5 5 Recognizing how much differently it felt to be a buyer versus a seller. After a while, you realized that you were being "gamed". By that, you realized that you couldn't really negotiate and that all the offers were not being made or responded to with any rationale. It was fun. 6/24/2007
Used Car Market V2Student 5 4 5 The time constraint. We felt the pressure to decide quickly. none none 6/21/2007
Hershey Foods Corporation -- Bitter Times in a Sweet PlaceFaculty 5 5 5 The video clips of people actually involved in the situation offered a great deal of perspective to the case than what is able to be derived from the print case alone. 6/21/2007
Used Car Market V2Student 4 5 5 Summary tables tracking our progress I disliked the lack of clarity on the rules at the time, but now I understand it was part of the exercise. Add an audible trigger that an offer has been made or accepted. Sometimes we got so involved in our discussions that we failed to notice the changes on the screen. 6/20/2007
Used Car Market V2Student 5 3 3 It was real time. It made for very good show and also made very realistic as you could see the results real time. Couple of diff points - 1. May want to make it more sophisticated so that people can negotiate the price of a car rather than buying it at a fixed price. 2. Only for the purpose of humor, you may want to change the name from a car simulation to something like a commodity simulation i.e. live stock :) 6/20/2007
Used Car Market V2Student 1 5 5 The discussion within the room to establish a sales price. We were disappointed at the reluctance of the buyers to make a purchase on a fantastic car at an extremely reasonable price. We would like to see the ability to make a counteroffer and conduct a true negotiation. 6/18/2007
Used Car Market V2Student 4 5 5 The discussion regarding different views of "winning" strategy which followed the game 2nd round was much better, as we were the buyers and willing to purchase ever if we were getting screwed. see earlier feedback 6/18/2007
McCollStudent 1 5/15/2007
BETStudent 3 4 3 Seeing people talk & describe the topics in person. Too long. Many topics/subjects were discussed multiple times. Did not need duplication of information. Fewer segments 4/30/2007
Turning GearsStudent 3 3 4 Cute, interactive icons The results; Not enough explanation. Put my results on one page. 4/23/2007
Turning GearsStudent 4 2 3 Thinking about what decision you would make if placed in those situations. I wasn't given choices on three of the cases. Twice I received "Continue" as the only option and once the only choice was "Create a plan". On one of the cases, I would have liked to make my own selections of 3 items to accomplish before the end of the day, rather than choose from the options presented. 4/22/2007
Regression ModelStudent There is no way I can stop and restart from the point where I left. Further if I want to forward a bit I can't do that. There should be some control in hands of user. 4/18/2007
Used Car Market V2Student 5 5 5 test test test 4/18/2007
KalashnikovStudent 3 5 5 Interview in which the protagonist(?) talks about the intentions for the brand and the signficance of the product. The montage was pretty, but it was unclear to me how it fit in. Please identify the people in the interview. I could guess but it would be better not to have to. 4/12/2007
EnronStudent 2 1 2 There is lots of material which is great, but it is poorly organized, which is terrible. Material set up in a very uncelear fashion. Too many videos of Mr. Jefferey Liar/Cheater Skilling. Wish there was a way to turn off the annoying/faux electronica background music. Change the organizational structure so that the transformation of Enron becomes more clear. Get rid of the music - entirely! I don't want to listen to bad trance music while I'm trying to do homework. I'd rather access the powerpoints, text and videos without the distraction of music. 4/9/2007
McCollStudent 4 3 3 Video Text 3/26/2007
EnronStudent 5 5 3 The overall learning and knowledge gained from viewing all the content. The lack of any direction about what information was being presented, other than a general heading. Some sort of org chart for the company itself and some facts about the employers size. The ability to increase the size of the playback windown for videos - I found it hard on my eyes to watch a little video screen when I've got a 21" monitor. 3/22/2007
OutpostStudent Streaming 3/21/2007
PlayStudent 3 1 2 Interesting ideas but poorly put together. Would not work on the laptop I was using, as intended. The video launcher didn't work, so I had to watch the videos just from the disk. I think this format is too cutesy. Simple is often better. Make it simpler and easier to navigate. The content was interesting but difficult to navigate. 3/17/2007
PlayStudent 4 2 3 Virtual tour I was confused with so many instructions. There were to many words even before I start to navigate. When I clicked "where to start", it was not an icon to initiate the case, but was another instruction. From my standpoint, the case needs to have a sort of animated flow scheme that leads audience to navigate through a logical structure. Also, even though the virtual tour was an interesting tool, it needs to have more features. For example, I expected to be able to enlarge the small pictures of facility by clicking, but couldn't. And there was no linkage between video clip and the number shown at the perspective of Play's office building. It seems more efficient to allow audience navigate the facility by clicking the number on the perspective diagram of the building and show the video clip tied to the location. - Highlight the active selection - Change the color of the sections previously visited by the audience; it helps them to see how much they have seen and not seen - There is not much music.. in the selction of Play's deliverable... people were drawing pictures on the wall and I wanted to hear some music, but didn't. - Text reading (as replacement for video clips..): fonts were small to read. This can be fixed by adding a tool to enlarge it - Same video clips were showing again and again in different sections: "that's cute. we'll see if it really applies. 3/13/2007
PlayStudent 5 5 5 3/13/2007
First-Year ForestStudent 5 5 4 Great way to practice ideas learned in class on a smaller scale so you get better practice versus an entire case. I did not like that the main question was not presented with the data. It was not always clear what you wanted answered. Add the key question with the data provided so it is clear what to answer or try to answer. This would be helpful especially for the questions you had to make so many assumptions, I was not sure even where to start or if it could be answered. 3/7/2007
Turning GearsStudent 4 4 4 Challenging scenarios I have no idea what plush is. Explain what plush is! 3/5/2007
First-Year ForestStudent 3 2 2 Some of the questions were unclear; what decision are they evaluating taking? 3/3/2007
EnronStudent 5 5 5 Video presentation & navigation. Some charts were difficult to read/understand. A little better explanation of some charts, but this was great overall! 3/2/2007
First-Year ForestStudent 5 5 5 simple clear and easy to understand explanations 3/2/2007
First-Year ForestStudent 4 5 5 2/28/2007
Turning GearsStudent 5 4 5 interactive desk to use phone, fax, computer screen 2nd screen open, do I close it when I am done or find a "button" to continue. was not sure until I was into the session. Of course I was evaluating and did not get verbal instructions prior to my testing. none, great simualtion. 2/23/2007
Crisis ManagementStudent 5 5 5 The TV interview to CEO. The TV interview to people complaining. Some questions had no adequate answer. The alternatives seemed to skewed to one position. To reevaluate the alternatives of some questions. 2/18/2007
EnronStudent 5 5 5 The interviews with Enron Upper Management and the flow toward the downward spiral. More content regarding the investments that led to enron's downfall. More information on the international investments and business'. 2/16/2007
Internal Labor MarketStudent 2 2 2 It forced us to make decisions The time it took Allowing a class period to do it 2/14/2007
Internal Labor MarketStudent 2 5 5 easy to use 2/14/2007
Turning GearsStudent 4 3 4 After playing the game and our session was closed I was not able to view my results. I was NEVER able to view my results. 2/12/2007
Internal Labor MarketStudent 4 5 5 Streamlined, simple. -- -- 2/2/2007
Internal Labor MarketStudent 5 5 5 Smooth, fast. -- -- 2/2/2007
First-Year ForestStudent 4 4 4 The questions were appropriately difficult (or not difficult), nad were great exhibits of the decisions tree process. I think it should be a requirement of the course similar to MBTN in marketing and operations. It would improve the quality of class discussion. 1/30/2007
McCollStudent 3 2 2 I clicked on feedback while trying to learn how to navigate the cd and i couldn't get out. Therefore I am submitting this survey before doing the case. 1/28/2007
McCollStudent 5 5 5 1/20/2007
McCollStudent 5 5 3 watching the interviews difficulty in reviewing, time-consuming in navigation and watching the whole interviews It is better for me if we have all the scripts of the interviews. 1/16/2007
McCollStudent 1/14/2007
McCollStudent 4 4 4 1/14/2007
AnimaticsStudent 4 4 4 realistic staging having to click score to get rating add other research tools 1/9/2007
AnimaticsStudent 4 5 4 It simulates the real situation to put me in the shoes of decision maker. 1/9/2007
EnronStudent 5 5 5 live personal interviews none more live interviews 11/8/2006
HybridStudent 1 2 3 This application is very poorly designed, and did not install properly (what does it even NEED an installation?). I am quite comfortable with applications, and was able to get it working after just copying the files to my HD. However, now the Flash player is complaining and some of the stuff doesn't load. You need not make things more complicated than they need to be. If you want to present this case as a website that's fine -- but why can't I just get it off the CD without installing it? If you're designing it as a site, then why don't you host it online, and give me a username/password when I purchase the case? I would recommend either hosting the site online, or publishing the cd as an interactive, standalone DVD 11/5/2006
OutpostStudent Streaming 5 2 3 10/30/2006
NBCSportsStudent 3 5 4 10/30/2006
NBCSportsStudent 5 5 5 10/30/2006
DollarTree_SKMStudent 4 4 4 The video of the store. I have no one. Include a map with the locations of the stores. In my case, the title should be Saunders Karp not Dollar Tree. Change "Feedback" for "Survey"? 10/3/2006
McCollStudent 5 5 5 9/26/2006
Turning GearsStudent 1 1 3 9/25/2006
McCollStudent 9/25/2006
Turning GearsStudent 4 5 4 9/25/2006
Turning GearsStudent 3 5 4 Limited choices...Seemed very black and white..Better if more in the middle, to make decisions harder 9/22/2006
PlayStudent 5 4 4 The videos of the Play employees. You get a real sense for what the company stands for The dialog boxes More videos instead of the diaglog boxes 9/17/2006
Southwest AirlinesStudent 4 4 3 Speech content was great Didn't seem to be a beginning, middle or end. No introduction, just a series of clips pulled together. 9/12/2006
Stainmasterstudent 3 3 3 8/30/2006
Stainmasterstudent 4 4 3 8/30/2006
Stainmasterstudent 4 4 4 the detail giving in the board presentation none more consistant playing with slower or crowded internet connection 8/30/2006
Turning GearsStudent 4 5 4 video with live interaction of employee talking Not given the choice to give my own solutions Find a way to give an alternate choice for a different conclusion 6/19/2006
McCollStudent 2 5/22/2006
McCollStudent 5/22/2006
Regression ModelStudent 5 5 5 All of it was absolutely great. 5/9/2006
VTSP - Stephen H. ClarkeStudent 5/3/2006
Turning GearsStudent 1 1 1 4/30/2006
DeeDeeFisherStudent 4 5 4 Easy to navigate. broken up into small parts, so you can easily identify the presenter's key points. 4/10/2006
DeeDeeFisherStudent 4 3 2 Opportunity to see directly what she was and her facial expressions, as opposed to reading it. Got a lot more out of interview than case. They were consistent. Repeated video segments in different parts of the story. Not sure if this was in case people didn't watch every part of it. It will be interesting to do the class with her in it. I don't know how "scaleable" it is if she is not in the class. 4/10/2006
Financial OptionsStudent 4 5 5 The "Let me Try" the instructions Add a section on computing spot rates to go along with Prof. Ho's valuation class 4/9/2006
EnronWiley 5 5 5 The Whole CD was educational Nothing in multimedia but was hopping to see more of stock market spread sheet included nothing 4/6/2006
EnronStudent 4 2 4 use of different media for overall presentation software applications which forced me to turn off my firewall in order to display textual and video data employ a different media presentation software suite 3/29/2006
Turning GearsStudent 5 4 4 Meeting with Hasting. (have you got her cell nymber?) too much emails that are in fact instructions add some voices with the text of the phone calls 3/28/2006
NBCSportsStudent 3 5 4 3/26/2006
Turning GearsStudent 4 5 5 the video with hastings more video;clearer resolution on video 3/21/2006
First-Year ForestStudent 5 5 5 explanation of answers is clear and just the right number of steps 3/10/2006
First-Year ForestStudent 5 5 5 The photo 3/9/2006
First-Year ForestStudent 5 5 5 The detailed explanations of each solution 3/9/2006
First-Year ForestStudent 5 5 3 3/4/2006
First-Year ForestStudent 5 5 5 The concise organization in presenting all the important decision tree concepts 3/4/2006
First-Year ForestStudent 5 5 5 3/4/2006
First-Year ForestStudent 5 4 5 Good support with actual files. (NPV analysis) 1. More examples. 2. Can we have examples of EVPI and EVPC? 3/4/2006
First-Year ForestStudent 5 5 3 Hands on! The professors smiling and frowing was distracting...slow it down a bit:-) 3/2/2006
McCollStudent 5 5 5 2/25/2006
First-Year ForestStudent 5 4 5 2/25/2006
First-Year ForestStudent 5 5 5 Explanations were given step by step. Screen was small. Using more color will be easier to read. Use more color. Make screen bigger. 2/25/2006
First-Year ForestStudent 5 4 4 The picture of our faculty with chain saws and clippers! All kidding aside, the progression of the decision trees in the walk through analysis was exceptional. None None 2/15/2006
First-Year ForestStudent 4 5 5 The ability to "walk through the solution" was very helpful. This option helped me to understand the process one step at a time. I only wish there were more practice problems. Add additional practice problems and explore EVPI and Perfect Control in more questions. 2/12/2006
McCollStudent 5 5 5 The videos of the leaders. This brought the case to life, an entirely new experience, absolutely key to understanding the culture. I was not able to print off the written documents. I need to cut and paste. Install the option of printing off the materials akin to the traditional paper format. I would like to learn via a combination of this multimedia with traditional paper case. Have the ability to print off the written material. I needed to cut and paste the documents. 2/2/2006
MobiusStudent 5 5 5 This is a great change of pace. The questions were thoughtful and relevant, and answers concise and interesting. Great to get the high profile speaker also. I would prefer to have the option to watch it straight through. See above. 11/30/2005
MusicTodayStudent 5 5 5 graphic of facility with paths for each process. 11/10/2005
MusicTodayStudent 5 5 4 video - managers and employees candidly explaining the process 11/10/2005
Required Rate of ReturnStudent 5 3 5 11/9/2005
Connected WorldStudent 4 5 5 Great personal tones to communicate the thoughts. Needs more metrics. Difficult to understand numbers without the visuals. Highlight the highlevel benifits using voice and charts. 11/7/2005
Required Rate of ReturnStudent 5 5 5 Could pause and replay. 11/6/2005
Required Rate of ReturnStudent 5 5 5 the flash is very good. Also, I like the animation a lot. The chart on which I can move the points and see how a change in risk will affect the required rate of return. No. very good. 11/6/2005
McCollStudent 4 3 3 11/2/2005
NBCSportsStudent 5 5 5 Video related directly to case. None. None. I thought this was a great way to present a case. 10/25/2005
NBCSportsStudent 4 4 5 simplicity-click and go 10/25/2005
Turning GearsStudent 5 5 5 10/13/2005
Southwest AirlinesStudent 4 4 5 nifty pyramid and access to topics the pyramid key point review slides or quiz questions, use with online courses. 10/11/2005
DollarTree_SKMStudent 5 4 5 Videos from the folks involved in the deal. Great multimedia case. not being able to quickly save the Excel exhibits in my hd - needed to right click the link and open in a new window. There could be a button or link specifically indicating "Click here to save case exhibits", so you are not stuck to the cd to do your analysis. 10/9/2005
DollarTree_dtStudent 5 5 5 The easiness of use. That it was somhow slow. To improve the speed of the data access. 10/9/2005
DollarTree_SKMStudent 5 3 4 hearing and seeing the protagonists and the store locations The lack of quality checking to ensure consistency between text and exhibits That there wasn't an easy navigation between the exhibits and the text of the case. It would make sense to have the exhibits open in a separate window to allow easy switching between the text and the exhibit. The labeling of the exhibits are not consistent with the text of the case. 10/8/2005
McCollStudent 9/26/2005
McCollStudent 9/24/2005
Turning GearsStudent 1 2 1 It was impossible to go back and see exactly what I did. So I had to just remember my choices and decisions as apposed to being able to look at them. Add a part that allows you to go back through the game and see exactly what our decisions were and what the outcome was. no 9/16/2005
Stainmasterstudent 3 5 5 Seeing how big of a deal the announcement of the stainmaster was. The clarity of the pictures make the picture clearer if possible 8/31/2005
Stainmasterstudent 4 4 4 8/31/2005
Stainmasterstudent 5 5 5 the commercials none 8/31/2005
Stainmasterstudent 4 5 5 I would recommend displaying the running time of each clip near its name. 8/31/2005
Stainmasterstudent 5 3 5 The First Video, clearly glues the main concepts in the case. The TV comercials, although I wish any of the brochures were available. The print case link does not work 8/31/2005
Stainmasterstudent 3 4 4 8/31/2005
Stainmasterstudent 4 5 5 Good visuals - commercias were entertaining and highlighted the advertising campaign. The corporate spill was a little dry, but it was very informative and laid out the business issues at play. No changes 8/31/2005
Stainmasterstudent 3 5 5 Seeing the commercials they thought about after listening to their marketing campaign Dry in parts None. It was a good tool 8/31/2005
Turning GearsStudent 4 5 4 in the second senario, i didn't feel i had enough choices or could make adjustments based on new information. 8/25/2005
Turning GearsStudent 5 5 5 The reality and possibility of the hypothetical sophistries presented in the application were engrossing and plausible. The repition of that annoying kaleidoscope sound at the onset of each e-mail. 8/19/2005
BETStudent 4 5 5 Actual interviews with people in company Lack of pictures and color 6/17/2005
Baltimore PoliceStudent 5 5 5 I could see and hear from them who I just read in the case. I am more engaged than before. 4/21/2005
Baltimore PoliceStudent 5 5 4 Real, live perspective on challenges faced by police force and community. Didn't tell us the outcome. Also, some parts were really short. Let us know how long each segment will be. 4/21/2005
PlayStudent 3 3 3 Too long to click through everything 4/12/2005
Southwest AirlinesStudent 5 5 5 Ginny's awesome animation Elliott's text None` 4/11/2005
EnronStudent 5 5 5 Short, well edited videos. Good mix of text and video. The 2001 roll-overs: well presented. It was excellent. Thank you. 4/11/2005
SnappleStudent 5 5 5 Very easy to navigate & find information. I liked this much better than Stainmaster - the print case was much more obvious and handy in this case. Great work! No, thanks. 4/4/2005
LeadingInConnectedWorldStudent 4 5 5 4/4/2005
Hershey Foods Corporation -- Bitter Times in a Sweet PlaceFaculty 4 4 1 The biggest problem I had with this case is that the student version is different from the instructor version on this CD. I don't know which is the correct version. Both have the same case number. Based on this CD, I decided to use this case in my MBA class. My course pak is done by, so I don't actually see the cases - I give them the case titles and numbers and they take care of copyrights and distribution to the students. The case the students have includes a set of cash flows, while this is one of the outputs for the instructors' version. In addition, the instructors' version has additional exhbits about the composition of the board which are not part of the students' case. Also, the financial case exhibits do not contain the ssme numbers - close, but not identical. There should be only one version of this case. 3/29/2005
McCollStudent 3/27/2005
McCollStudent 5 4 5 3/27/2005
Turning GearsStudent 3 3 4 Showing how complex is the decision making process in a work environment. The last decision. Before the last decision, you should indicate that one has only time to talk with two people before making the decision. Usually, one can ask people for a few minutes before talking to accounting (it was the last person I wanted to talk to). 3/27/2005
McCollStudent 4 4 4 I thought the overall presentation was a bit long and some of the commentary was redundant. 3/25/2005
Angel InvestingStudent 5 5 4 Everything None None 3/18/2005
McCollStudent 4 4 4 I liked the way the video portion could switch seamlessly from one person to another. 3/12/2005
McCollStudent 4 4 4 I liked the way the video portion could switch seamlessly from one person to another. pmorris 3/12/2005
McCollStudent 4 3 4 3/12/2005
SalinasFaculty 5 5 5 Lantz and Weiss make quite a team! 3/7/2005
EnronWiley 3 2 3 2/21/2005
BETStudent 5 4 5 Integrated environment: mixing tables, text and video offers a powerful learning experience. Well done! We at Darden should pursue this with more vigor - we may end up being the premier case provider of tomorrow's top programs! One time, after closing the program and re-entering it at a later time, I had to reboot in order to get the video to show. I am concerned about the consistency of presentations across multiple platforms. We could really hook the next generation of business school students if they knew that we hid "bonus material" in a few obscure places on within the presentation. Silly, but true - people love the challenge of finding the hidden stuff. Darden could sell a bundle of this stuff to other schools: the pull would be from the students once they experienced the different learning environment, while the push would be to the faculty and administration. Wahoo! Let's do it! I'm a DV video and web site development geek, sign me up. 1/30/2005
BETStudent 5 3 4 1/30/2005
BETStudent 4 3 3 Fascinating interviews. Great personal insights. Makes the case come to life. I spent far too much time downloading all of the tables into an Excel file. Instead, all of the data should be available from one button for complete download into one Excel file. If you clicked on any of the links twice by accident, you lose the ability to see the video portion. Instead, you only hear the interview. This happened to me two times and I had to eject the CD and restart it to see the videos. 1/29/2005
McCollStudent 5 5 The video of the management team and CEO Key Acquisitions for the length of information 1/19/2005
First-Year ForestStudent 5 5 5 Besides that picture of the profs in the woods? The opportunity to repeat the same type of problem many times and the step-by-step responses. There really wasn't a downside, except the temptation to look ahead to the answer before really trying to figure things out. None. I hope these tutorials exist for addtional QA concepts. 9/19/2004
First-Year ForestStudent 4 5 5 The step-by-step solutions. Not being able to copy the question and solution to Microsoft Word before printing. Enabling the student to print the questions and solutions for future reference. 9/18/2004
First-Year ForestStudent 5 4 5 Being able to walk through problems one step at a time vice just seeing the entire answer. Makes me want the same multimedia experience for other courses... I think it is about as good as it gets - maybe more examples... 9/14/2004
First-Year ForestStudent 4 4 4 9/14/2004
McCollStudent 2 4 3 Hearing the rationale from the actual decision makers. The perspectives given were very one sided, it would have been nice to hear from some of the CEO's who sat across from McColl. 9/10/2004
McCollStudent 2 4 3 Hearing the rationale from the actual decision makers. The perspectives given were very one sided, it would have been nice to hear from some of the CEO's who sat across from McColl. 9/10/2004
Angel InvestingStudent 5 5 5 Clarity of the presentation and ease of use. N/A None 9/4/2004
Stainmasterstudent 4 5 4 8/29/2004
PlayStudent 4 5 4 8/22/2004
GazogleStudent 5 5 5 laura's work weiss's text none 6/25/2004
McCollStudent 1 4 4 can't print; no outsider's perspective i.e. interviews only from people who worked for Hugh McColl. What were analsyts' reactions to the mergers? How did the market react to the mergers? allow printing 5/3/2004
McCollStudent 5 5 5 4/4/2004
EnronWiley 5 4 5 Hearing the early interviews, esp. from Spilling, compared to later information... would have been easier if culd just push enter to keep advancing frame to frame # 5 3/28/2004
McCollStudent 5 3 5 Video interviews It took me sometime to figure out how the case structured. Putting the 'Key' up-front to make it easy to understand how to proceed with the case. 3/14/2004
BETStudent 4 5 2/19/2004
McCollStudent 5 5 5 Heavy on the video, especially in this sort of case (M&A), where personalties are everything. Nothing bad-best multimedia case I've had at Darden. None 2/19/2004
BETStudent 5 3 4 Nothing compares to hearing the story from the people who created it. Also, the contrast between the incredibly intelligent, articulate business people running BET and many of the images that might be associated with its content is important. Having to manual launch each segment - some of the clips are 45 sec and I would have to click next again and again. Couldn't download spreadsheets together. I would like a "Launch presentation" command that runs all the exhibits as a slideshow and then I can pick to rerun specific segments later. Download spreadsheets as book. Also, I think it would be REALLY beneficial to have more than a montage of programs. I don't think they help give the uninitiated an idea of what BET programming looks like. A longer clip or scene might be more helpful. 2/19/2004
BETStudent 5 4 3 The CD-Rom none none 2/16/2004
Snapple 4 5 5 some chopping videos Inprove the video quality and include subtitles (Emglish) for foreigners who are not used to some accents. Thanks 2/16/2004
BETStudent 5 4 4 I think the multi-media case gave those individuals who were not familar witht the BET product a great context for the case discussion. The worst part of the multimedia was going through the different spreadsheets. Capture all of the spreadsheets in one workbook. 2/16/2004
BETStudent 5 3 4 I thought the interviews were very good. Data. It should be easier to access (e.g., one workbook rather than several files) See above 2/15/2004
BETStudent 4 4 4 Very informative. Helped bring the idea to life. The spreadsheets could have been linked up together in on workbook. 2/13/2004
BETStudent 5 5 4 The best part of the multimedia application was ease of use and ease of navigation. It allowed the case reader to put pictures with the written words. Consolidate the exhibits into one tab. 2/13/2004
BETStudent 4 5 4 got to see senior management present their thoughts which we usually don't get just from a reading case can't really say anything negative as i was impressed just by the footage 2/13/2004
Angel InvestingStudent 5 5 5 1/24/2004
Mass MutualStudent 3 5 5 1/21/2004
BETStudent 5 5 5 well written case and excellent support from the CDROM nothing, however, it takes considerable time to listen to everything on the CDROM 1/21/2004
BETStudent 5 5 5 1/21/2004
BETStudent 5 5 5 I actually thought that the written case was the best I've read so far at Darden- when I read it, I didn't even know there was a CD. Everything fit together seemlessly, and there was no extraneous information. A superb case. 1/21/2004
BETStudent 5 5 5 This was one of the most interesting and engaging cases I have encountered in my tenure at the Darden School. In fact, it ranks in the top 5% of the hundreds of cases I have seen thus far. By connecting multimedia with the case data, the user becomes extremely engaged in the story of the company, its founder, and the issues both parties have faced in the past, deal with in the present, and will encounter in the future. The format of the CD was logical, the flow was easily followed, and the content was top notch. It was facisinating to hear the BET story not only from Bob Johnson, but also from his current leadership team. To summarize, this case has far exceeded my expectations and should be a model for the creation of future cases via the Darden Press. The data tables that are located throughout the application are helpful, but everytime you want to download the information, you get a new spreadsheet. Perhaps a document containing all the data found throughout the CD should be consolidated and offered as document at the end of the application. This would be a format similar to that which first years download daily from myDarden. Outside of the case data suggestion listed above, no chages should be made to the application. This case is OUTSTANDING!!! 1/21/2004
BETStudent 5 5 5 This is my first multimedia case. I liked how the interviews were broken down into smaller 1 to 2 minute chunks, which made it easier sitting throught the whole case. I also liked the intro video. The videos were almost all interviews. Would have been nice to see other footage and video clippings about BET. Add more interesting trivia. Such as "Did you know's" and insider info. More BET content and clips from shows would be nice too. 1/17/2004
PlayStudent 3 1 1 I couldn't find the case! 1/5/2004
EnronWiley 5 5 3 enron's organizational culture vision add on enron's vision and leadership qualities in specific outline of all management in enron 11/20/2003
EnronWiley 4 5 4 Some of the movies were interesting Some of the movies were long and drawn out and even though they were interesting I didn't want to pay attention anymore. make some things shorter and to the point. 11/19/2003
Mass MutualStudent 5 5 5 The Video Clips--great to see what how company was communicating w/the public none none 11/3/2003
Mass MutualStudent 4 2 4 Well rounded and interactive. The link on both the portal and the case packet was wrong. Only the link in the email to the class worked. As with much of the Darden first year program, we would get a lot more out of this case if it weren't combined with so much other work that we are exhausted and stressed when we experience it. What a pity. 11/3/2003
Mass MutualStudent 4 3 5 It is multimedia and very user friendly. The picture is too small. Enlarge the movie pictures; 11/3/2003
MobiusStudent 5 4 1 interactive tools: graphics, videos, and adittional explanations sometimes you forget that there are more than one page per part. the blue arrow is not easy to see I will add time per video and pages in the left directory 10/20/2003
MobiusStudent 5 4 5 When he explained about every single risk. At first, I skipt some parts because I didn't notice that in one section you had several pages after the video. It would be nice if we had a section where he would should an investment an actually show how he analysed it. It's always good to see what he said in practice! 10/19/2003
MobiusStudent 4 4 4 Interview with Mr. Mobius. Include a summary of points discussed by Mr. Mobius 10/19/2003
First Year ForestStudent 5 5 5 The cool graphic at the beginning with the profs -- if they had a second longer in their action poses we could see what they're all doing! used it online, no troubles give it more of a sell in class instead of just emailing us about it crossd05@darden, 10/16/2003
First Year ForestStudent 5 5 4 use at own time and it walks throw the answers clearly n/a none-- more problems, maybe? 10/10/2003
First Year ForestStudent 4 5 1 Step by step instructions Sometimes the dark green made it hard to see all of the options (i.e. previous screen arrow) 10/5/2003
First Year ForestStudent 5 5 5 Easy to use. Convenient. Appreciate the chance to get some practice on my own time. Some longer problems and more complex scenarios. 9/28/2003
First Year ForestStudent 5 5 3 The picture of the professors with tree pruning instruments and/or the actual excel graph for introduction of a new product (for those of us with limited modeling experience, it was good to see for comparison) Not more exercises, More exercises 9/27/2003
First Year ForestStudent 5 5 1 Very easy and clear presentation of the problems and the solutions. More problems 9/21/2003
First Year ForestStudent 5 5 5 9/21/2003
First Year ForestStudent 5 5 5 Incorporation of everday scenarios. Additionnally, the walk through steps are very helpful. 9/21/2003
First Year ForestStudent 4 4 4 the picture in the front of course, but a close second was the nature of the problems, they were all very easy to identify with... the basketball game one encouraged you to think QUICKLY... There's no clock.. a timer! some kind of a downloadable function so one can look at it offline. 9/18/2003
EnronWiley 5 5 5 9/5/2003
Pfeifers PforestStudent 5 5 5 I absolutely adored the entire thing. even that picture of pfeifer isn't bad, considering what you had to work with. that it had to end. I'd have pfeifer sit down and do some voice over diaglogs with students...just like in the anatomy of regression piece. Of course, you'd also include a button for viewers to turn this sound on/off nowhereman@bitbucket.null 9/4/2003
EnronWiley 5 5 1 6/25/2003
EnronWiley 4 3 3 composite information formats need better flow for next item connection difficulty moving from one file to another interconnect files better using link connection in the explorer menu 4/22/2003
EnronWiley 5 5 1 How sucessful they became as a leading gas company in the U.S.. THE down fall of the company. I would have recomemded for them to be honest with everything that when on in that company. no 4/21/2003
EnronWiley 4 5 3 The display. Excessive Media Interviews Text closed captions for the media and audio files. 4/14/2003
EnronWiley 2 4 3 It gives a clear and concise explaination on this subject matter. None An improved outlining interface menu. 4/14/2003
EnronWiley 5 3 3 everything can't find the answer nothing 4/9/2003
EnronWiley 3 4 4 Actually being able to watch and listen to the interview of the different CEO's of the company. The worst part was trying to read the graphs and get a better idea by the graphing presentations. I wouldn't change much except for better explanation through graphs and charts. 4/1/2003
EnronWiley 4 5 4 Video Clips, very informative and informational Video Clips, to many with the same people become monotonous after awhile More in depth into Andersen's role in the whole collapse. 3/9/2003
SnappleStudent 1 4 2 little value; this is not an interactive case 2/8/2003
EnronWiley 5 5 1 Extraordinary case, an a former healthcare CEO now teaching strategy and ethics at an "engineering university (go figure) I'm always looking for dynamic cases beyond my own limited war stories to keep the students engaged. Spectacular job! Probably just my own lack of skill, but I would have appreciated some instructor mechanism to print out the case in it's entirety. Only the above...I did slog through in spite of my technology disabilities because the case is so well constructed. or 1/27/2003
EnronStudent 5 5 1 Easy to read and understand text. Very straight forward. Good charts too. 11/20/2002
EnronStudent 5 5 1 11/20/2002
EnronStudent 5 5 4 Put together well, very informative flip flop from audio to video to reading 11/18/2002
EnronStudent 5 5 5 the breakdown event by event and piece by piece of what actually happened. i watched the news and read the articles, however, they were not clear and did not fully show how exactly the company's value decreased. they would just say there was "shady" dealings with others partnerships they were part of. this case showed how the actual dealings between the created partnerships developed the false profits. The only drawback to the case would be that of the length and the time having spent watching the videos. however, if the user was interested in the material this would not be a problem. Make it easier to go from presentation to presentation. 11/3/2002
EnronWiley 5 5 5 Very interesting!!! I learned so much that I didn't know about Enron. Also, these materials helped me in preparation for a case study I am preparing. 11/2/2002
EnronAlumni 2 CD1-4/CD-24 CD1-4/CD-24 CD1-/CD-2 CD1-Lack of numbers. Not the fault of the case writers as the opaqueness of Enron's finances were at the heart of the problem. But Darden should be circumspect about writing cases where they do not have access to the numbers even if they have to disguise them for presentation. Remember" if you cannot quatify it, its not science, its opinion." /CD-2Limits of the format. No interaction with the professors and classmates which was the best part of the Darden experience. CD1-See 5a. Value of one way, non-interactive is only valuable as data dump, so unless you have the data, little value. /CD-2Go real time interactive at $150 or even higher. wfdebutt 10/11/2002 Microsoft Internet Explorer MSIE 6.0 yes web 49 yes 149 no
EnronAlumni 2 CD1-4/CD-24 CD1-4/CD-24 CD1-/CD-2 CD1-Lack of numbers. Not the fault of the case writers as the opaqueness of Enron's finances were at the heart of the problem. But Darden should be circumspect about writing cases where they do not have access to the numbers even if they have to disguise them for presentation. Remember" if you cannot quatify it, its not science, its opinion." /CD-2Limits of the format. No interaction with the professors and classmates which was the best part of the Darden experience. CD1-See 5a. Value of one way, non-interactive is only valuable as data dump, so unless you have the data, little value. /CD-2Go real time interactive at $150 or even higher. 10/11/2002 Microsoft Internet Explorer MSIE 6.0 yes web 49 yes 149 no
EnronAlumni 5 CD1-5/CD-25 CD1-5/CD-25 CD1-Culture and leadership are segments great./CD-2The slides as a support to the discussion. Professors are good. CD1-Really liked all of it./CD-2Video quality was not as good as the cd 1. The background(behind the professors) was not appealing. CD1-none/CD-2I would try to introduce a class room setting . This would be a more comfortable environment for the professors. 8/1/2002 Microsoft Internet Explorer MSIE 5.5 yes both 99 yes 99 yes
EnronAlumni CD1-/CD-2 CD1-/CD-2 CD1-/CD-2 CD1-/CD-2 CD1-/CD-2 7/29/2002 Microsoft Internet Explorer MSIE 6.0
EnronAlumni 3 CD1-2/CD-24 CD1-3/CD-24 CD1-I found it fascinating to watch the corporate executives of Enron discuss their successes and plans for future growth. If they had any hint of potential failure, it sure did not come through when watching this CD./CD-2I thought that Sam Bodily and Bob Bruner were a good team and the chemistry was apparent. The delivery was polished and presented at a good pace. CD1-I felt that good instructions were severely lacking. One is thrown into viewing CD 1 and forced to utilize a trial and error strategy in determining the best order in which to review the materials./CD-2I felt that many keys points/assumptions were made without strong examples to back up those conclusions. For example, if Enron's structure allowed it to exploit imbalances in the marketplace in order to create trading profits, an example of how the actual math worked to create the aforementioned profit opportunity would have driven home the point in a much more intellectually satisfying fashion. CD1-As stated above, I would provide users with clearer instructions as to the best manner in which to review the material on CD 1. This change would eliminate any guessing or uncertainty on the part of the user. I liked CD 1 but it could have been more user friendly./CD-2Again, I would like detailed explanations outlined in exhibits that back up the reasons stated by Bodily and Bruner for the success and ultimate failure of Enron. For example, show why the accounting structure for a Special Purpose Entity made it an advantageous vehicle for Enron to employ. CD 2 held my interest but I feel that the improvements covered above are necessary if the goal is to successfully convince alumni to pay a reasonable fee for this type of product. peter. 7/29/2002 Microsoft Internet Explorer MSIE 5.5 yes both 49 yes 49 yes
EnronAlumni 5 CD1-5/CD-25 CD1-5/CD-25 CD1-Loved the film clips. Laughed a lot as the executives displayed their supreme confidence./CD-2Good balanced summary of the mistakes that were made and the likely corporte governance structural reforms that are needed. CD1-The year by year columns of financial performance info. would not fit in my computer screen and there was no scroll bar./CD-2I didn't notice anything that needed fixing. CD1-Within the confines of CD technology you've done just about everything you can do to present a complex situation. On paper, you could go into much more detail about how energy trades were structured and about how the lack of a futures market for some commodities forced guesswork in the pricing process./CD-2I didn't notice any needed changes. 7/27/2002 Microsoft Internet Explorer MSIE 5.0 no both 149 no 99 yes
EnronAlumni 4 CD1-2/CD-22 CD1-5/CD-24 CD1-Wealth of Statistics, presented in different formats. Ability to query what you wanted./CD-2The whole general discussion. CD1-Wealth of statistics. How do you get your arms around them?/CD-2The almost complete lack of any morality in the discussion. At one point when it was noted I thought of (1) Musollini who drained the swamps and (2) made the trains run on time. And the Nazi doctors who froze and chopped up people, and maybe learned something. I think that the CD unintentionally reflects the complete Amoral environment, not only of the Darden School, but of Graduate Business Schools in General. CD1-The whole thing (CD1 & CD2) is too long for me. I looked at probably 40% of CD1 and 80% of CD2. It turns out that CD1 is really not needed for CD2./CD-2As I note in the answer to 5b, the general problem cannot be fixed by "sanding and shaping" CD2. The product being turned out by MBA programs (business men and women) is faulty. You are going to have to go back and do some real soul searching on what is taught and how it is being taught. 7/18/2002 Microsoft Internet Explorer MSIE 6.0 no cd 49 no 49 no
EnronStudent 5 5 5 Its interaction with students. Add a #7 to ask our customers "How did you hear about this case." 5/21/2002